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Valsesia: the Green, the Pink, the Gold Walking Summer 2001
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V a l s e s i a

Valsesia is green,
reflected in the river, in the shadow of the woods, in the moss and felds. A natural green which is at times almost too showy but savoured to the full while climbing the main valley, the Valsessera, the Val Mastallone, the Val Sermenza, and the valley of Valduggia and Cellio.

Rosa is the name given to the mountain which fills the sky with a rosy pink glow in the winter sunsets and colours the tracks left by the skis on the highést snows in sumrner.

The gold, for fave centuries sought in the mines of Alagna, is now to be found in the souls of the Valsesian people, and in their history, art and folklore. In the afternoon sun golden reflections are cast from the mosaics on the facade of the Basilica on the Sacro Monte (Holy Mount). The Baroque alters are also golden where whole generations of Valsesian artists have given life to fanciful holy representations. Golden too the ancient wood of the Walser houses in the high valley.

Man and Nature. The eternal puzzle of every land, but in Valsesia it has found a priceless solution.
Come and discover it for yourself.

You can found this and many other tings on La Valsesia - Borgosesia
 Valsesiane school on the net

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From a turistic book of Departiment of Turism, Sport and Free Time of Region Piemonte.
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